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Always confirm your contractors credentials!

You would not hire an engineer, an electrician, a plumber that was not licensed or endorsed...
so why would you hire someone to install or maintain your irrigation system who is not certified?

Unlike other New England states -Massachusetts does NOT license irrigation contractors- this makes choosing a qualified and competent irrigation specialist a difficult process.

EPA WaterSense is a volunteer partnership program of the Environmental Protection Agency.
It's partners seek to protect the future of our nation's water supply by offering consumers a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products and services.

Irrigation Association, Certified Irrigation Contractor (IA CIC) is the first and only nationally accredited program in the industry. It's a certification that The EPA and consumers can rely on.

Not all certifications are equal! IA Certification is a valuable tool when evaluating the skills of the person you hire. The IA CIC program helps homeowners and businesses identify irrigation specialists who have experience, training, passed a comprehensive exam, and follow a code of ethics to install, repair and maintain irrigation systems.

Erik Vaisey, CIC is an "IA Certified Irrigation Contractor" and "EPA WaterSense Partner".
Visit the following links to confirm his credentials:
• IA Certified Professional
• EPA WaterSense Partner

Vaisey Irrigation, Inc. | Marshfield MA 02050 | 781.837.1115

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